Throne Room in Knossos

Throne Room in Knossos

Ancient Minoan Fresco

Ancient Minoan Fresco

Stravinsky Piano Sonata / 1924

Evgeny Kissin / Proms / Lizst / La Campanella

Robert Wilson / Berliner Ensemble / Shakespeare’s Sonnets


Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Translated by D.F. Pears & B.F. McGuinnessLondon, Routledge & Kegan PaulNew York: The Humanities Press

First extrapolation:

1. The world is all that is the case.
2. What is the case – a fact – is the existence of states of affairs.
3. A logical picture of facts is a thought.
4. A thought is a proposition with a sense.
5. A proposition is a truth-function of elementary propositions. (An elementary proposition is a truth-function of itself.)
6. The general form of a truth-function is _____
7. What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence.

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About this self, one can only say that it is not this, and it is not that. Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Upanishadic Monism

One day, Aruni told his son that it was time for him to take up the life of a student, and he sent him away to study. When the son came back at the age of twenty-four, feeling swell-headed and arrogant with all the things he had learned, his father asked him whether he had heard about the “principle of substitution”“by which one hears what has not been heard of before and thinks what has not been thought of before.” Shvetaketu says that he has not, and Aruni begins to teach him.

“It is like this,” he said. “By means of one lump of clay one would perceive everything made of clay—the transformation is a verbal handle, a name—while the reality is just this: ‘It’s clay.’”The bees, my dear son, prepare honey by gathering the nectar of different trees and reducing that nectar to a unity. So that the nectar from each different tree is not able to differentiate: “I am the nectar of this tree” and “I am the nectar of that tree.” In exactly the same way, my son, when all creatures merge into reality, they are not aware that “We are merging into reality.” No matter what they are in this world—whether they are a tiger, a lion, a wolf, a boar, a worm, a moth, a gnat, or a mosquito—they all merge into that reality. That finest essence here is the self of the whole world. That is reality; that is the self. And that art thou, Shvetaketu.Chandogya Upanishad

(Robert Ernest Hume, trans., The Thirteen Principal Upanishads, 2nd ed. London: Oxford Univ. Press, 1931: p. 246)

Aldo Rossi / La Cita Analoga

Aldo Rossi / La Cita Analoga

Étienne-Louis Boullée / Cenotaphs